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Department of Growth and Environmental Management

Overview of Family-Heir Policy 2.1.9

Non-Family Heir 2.1.9 Subdivision - The ability to create lots utilizing the Non-Family Heir Policy 2.1.9 has sunset, effective February 1, 2010.

Family Heir 2.1.9 Subdivision The adoption of Policy 2.1.9 in 1990 provided for a provision known as the Family Heir 2.1.9. The Family Heir 2.1.9 was created to allow property owners outside the Urban Service Area the ability to create smaller parcels of land for family members for use as homesteads.  Properties created and approved with the Family Heir 2.1.9 shall be conveyed to an eligible family member and cannot be conveyed to any other person other than another eligible family member for a period of two years. 

Contact Info:
Leon County Growth & Environmental Management Dept.
Development Services Division Service Advisor
(850) 606-1300 or email:  gem_info@leoncountyfl.gov


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