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Department of Growth and Environmental Management

Open House Survey

The links provided below include the final results from the Visual Preference Surveys conducted at the Mahan Corridor Land Development Regulations Open House meetings held on August 6th and August 13th, 2009. At these open house meetings, attendees were asked to select a favorite and least favorite picture from several different choices covering a broad assortment of development standards (i.e. building height, landscaping, lighting, parking, signs, etc.).

The Visual Preference Surveys covered development standards that will be made available in three new Mahan Corridor specific zoning districts. Many of the parameters that will be implemented in the Mahan Corridor specific zoning districts have already been pre-determined or established by the proposed Mahan Gateway Node future land use category. Since these standards have already been established (i.e. density and intensity of development), they were not included as part of the Visual Preference Surveys.

Mahan Corridor Visual Preference Survey Part I - August 6, 2009

Mahan Corridor Visual Preference Survey Part II - August 13, 2009


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